The BSS team worked very closely with St George in defining requirements and modifying their international solution to suit the Australian environment. The St George project operated to very tight timeframes and the BSS team proved more than capable of meeting these timeframes and delivering a quality solution. St George believes that the ticketing system supplied by BSS is on par with, or exeeds, the current best of breed solutions and we continue to work with BSS to enhance their products capabilities. The product has been integrated into our invironment, produces both local and Enterprise level reporting, and provides capabilities allowing business users to perform analysis at a very granual level. Staff using the system are very complementary of its intuitive nature and have required less than originally expected to effectively use the system.
St.George Bank
BSS Provided a simple, efficient and user-friendly system to manage these issues. We are now able to identify daily peaks and accurately report on our over-the-counter interactions which will assist us with managing staff. The SMARTQUEUE system had a clean and simple design. The Virtual Caller was user friendly, easy to use and did not require a lengthy training program. Support is great - we had an isssue with multimedia display machine, and a replacement machine was sent out and installed on the same day.
UNSW The University of New South Wales
Nokia has been very satisfied with the level of service and support we have received since the installation was completed. BSS is being considered currently for our SEAP roll out to more than 5 countries in the Pacific region. The BSS solution is management solution that they consider the very customisable and easy to operate once installed. I can confidently recommend any business considering a Queue Management solution that they consider the BSS System.
Nokia Care
The Indonesian Consulate in Sydney is delighted to have the attention, commitment and marvelous cooperation from the BSS team in making the queue management system for the visa and passport processing system, including the handling of other consular matters in the Consulate functions very efficiently. The Consulate is confident that SMARTQUEUE could help ease to a great extent the work of any consulates in their relations with the public at large.
Consulate General Of The Republic Of Indonesia