Appointment Booking System

Customers often need to be served at a specific time and day, and need a sense of assurance that they will be served at this preferred time and day.

SMARTQUEUE® Appointment Booking System allows you to do just that. With capability to facilitate booking of appointment or serving session, the appointment booking system allows customers to choose and reserve the date, service, or staff, and time slot they wish to be served at or by.

Capable of integration with any core business applications such as customer database or queue management system, SMARTQUEUE® Appointment Booking System does not only facilitate direct booking online or on the ticketing kiosk, but also allow assisted booking by phone/SMS booking via contact centre or through a concierge staff. Using similar module, staff can also book appointment on customers' behalf.

In short, SMARTQUEUE® Appointment Booking System can facilitate:

  • Online booking from corporate website;
  • Phone or SMS booking via contact centre; or
  • Direct booking at self-service kiosk or through concierge staff.

Booked appointments can be rescheduled or cancelled flexibly by customers themselves, or by assisting staffs.