SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge Solution

Treat your customers exclusively and make your first impression count with the SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge Solution.

Mobile Concierge System

Introducing SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge Solution, the ideal Queue Management System (QMS) that allows businesses to deliver a personalised approach to customer service with the ability to capture customer & service information from point-of-entry to service completion.

Managing queues with the Mobile Concierge Solution will leverage your customer service by delivering a personal touch to any customer that comes into your premises. This solution can complement or substitute the standard SMARTQUEUE® application.

SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge Solution accommodates different ticketing scenarios that could be implemented on your premises, namely:

Ticket-based Solution

This queuing solution allows concierge staff to check in customers by ticket and provides helpful information about the type of services to ensure the customer receives the right service.

The ticket-based solution can also be combined with the ticketing kiosk solution to provide multi-channel customer service to customers.

Ticketless Solution (Name-based Queue)

This ticketless queue (name based queue) solution allows concierge staff to check in customers by name instead of a ticket number. Concierge can personally note a customer's name and description (e.g.: wears blue jacket, red t-shirt, etc.) in the system for easier customer identification.

Based on the customer’s preference, concierge can provide special treatment for customers with this queuing system. Customer service staff will call the customer personally, thus improving customer service to a whole new level


  • Maintain personal touch with your customers

SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge Solution is accessible from wireless tablet devices which can complement/substitute a ticketing kiosk (specifically for Ticket-based Solution). Concierge staff can move around the premises to serve customers and maintain positive customer experience.

  • Understand what your customers need

Using the Concierge Solution, concierge staff can approach customers to understand the reasons for their visit. Your staff will be able to identify customers who make a visit for quick services and those who need to be attended by service staff. This helps you ensure that your customers are not waiting for the wrong queue and are always served by the right staff.

  • Reduce the overall customer queue

SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge Solution can help in managing and reducing queue during busy period. Understanding the reasons for customers’ visit, concierge staff can help reduce the number of customers lining up in queue by providing instant service to those that only require quick services.

  • Prioritise customers with special needs

SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge Solution can also accommodate and prioritise customers with special needs. Concierge staff can approach them and give personalised service according to their needs.

  • Monitor and measure your service performance

SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge Solution allows staff to monitor the service status and identify potential issues real-time. This enables you to respond to any issue quickly and maintain excellent customer satisfaction. Enhance customer service further by measuring performance for improvement.


SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge Solution allows concierge staff to provide on-the-spot personalized service for general enquiries or quick transactions, thus eliminating the need for customers to wait for counter service.

To support these purposes, the mobile concierge system comes with comprehensive functionalities.

  • Service Assignment

Concierge staff can help customers avoid unexpected transfers or re-queuing due to wrong service selection by assigning the customer to the appropriate service queue. The queuing system can also provide concierge staff with frequently updated information on the total queue, average waiting time and estimated waiting time.

  • Staff Assignment

Apart from assigning customers to the right service, the concierge staff also has the flexibility to assign customers to specific staff. This queuing solution is particularly useful for particular customer with ESL or specific requirement that can only be handled by specialised customer service staff.

  • Portable Device

Wireless Ticket Printing (Only Available for Ticket-based Solution)

SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge System provides mobility to the concierge staff by supporting wireless ticket printing. Concierge staff can be equipped with a wireless belt-clip printer, allowing them to print tickets anywhere while they greet and serve customers.

concierge system printed tickets