SMS Notification

Sometimes your customers may want the luxury to linger offsite, running errands or window shopping elsewhere, without worries of missing their service turn.

Mobile Queue Notification System

SMARTQUEUE® SMS/ E-mail Notification System gives you facility to automatically notify your customers when their service turn approaches. Receiving this alert on their mobile phones via SMS or e-mail, customers can immediately return to your premises, waiting to be called.

This SMS/e-mail notification system also facilitates mobility of your back-office staffs. Back-office personnel do not necessarily have to stay tune in front of their PC, monitoring queue; they can attend meeting, or go for training elsewhere, while still being notified of the situation.

Last but not least, in case appointment booking system is integrated with SMARTQUEUE®SMS/ E-mail Notification System, customers will also receive confirmation of their appointment via SMS or e-mail.

To sum up, SMARTQUEUE® SMS/ E-mail Notification System gives you double benefits of both customers’ and staffs’ convenience.