Banking Customer Flow Management

Banking Customer Flow ManagementWith SMARTQUEUE®, banks are given the opportunity to have customised features and functionalities most suitable to support their business operations. All features involved in this integrated multimedia customer flow management system are interrelated and can be used to unfold what customers need and the business opportunities which lay ahead.

You can recognise all customers –newly engaged or loyal – and learn what to expect from them by referring to the given personal information and transaction history.

In addition, SMARTQUEUE® will enable you to communicate different messages to different customers at relevant time. For example, the system enables you to customise the ticketing kiosk function to print specific marketing messages on the tickets for customers which select a particular service.

SMARTQUEUE® has all the tools to ensure that all customers are served properly. When dealing with newly-engaged customers, you may focus on providing efficient customer service. Meanwhile, when handling long term, loyal customers; staff can use the system to provide a more personalised customer service.

All SMARTQUEUE® tools can assist to streamline customer flow in a bank of any scale.You can have all features and functionalities to have the optimised benefits of SMARTQUEUE®. For banks with small branch, if you prefer, you may start with the software-only package, by which you receive a simple staff module to manage the customer flow. When your branch shows significant progress, and customer volume increases,more sophisticated features can be implemented at your branch by the BSS team.

Even when you decide to upgrade and equip SMARTQUEUE® with optional features, such as Service Flow, Service Scheduler, Staff Allocation, SMS/E-Mail Notification, Appointment Booking System, Balance Scorecard, e-WFMS, to Centralised Integration supported by Remote Content Distribution, etc. SMARTQUEUE® is always able to adapt to your changing requirements.

Banking Customer Flow Management with SMARTQUEUE®

Banks can be said to have some of the highest levels of customer volumes in the retail industry.The number of customers visiting banks is significantly increasing over the time. Consequently, the queue is also getting longer. SMARTQUEUE® can assist a bank increase customer satisfaction and make the customer flow management process more efficient.

SMARTQUEUE® helps banks streamline customers flow, starting from the point of entry to the point of leaving. It enables your staff not only to call next customer but also put customers on hold, recall customers, transfer customers to another service or counter within the premises.

SMARTQUEUE® also keeps your staff updated with the number of customers queuing per service, along with the average and longest waiting and serving time. Also supported with dashboard monitoring and KPI reporting, the quality of customer flow management can be monitored by the back office-staff and relevant management.

Whenever required, SMARTQUEUE® allows the facility to direct services to additional staff/counters. This is particularly helpful when there is a large influx of customers and the queues need to be cleared quickly.

Banking Customer Flow Management and Multimedia Display

Integrated with the multimedia display, SMARTQUEUE® enables you to not only streamline customer flow, but also to approach and communicate messages to specific customers differently. You can use various formats of multimedia including still image, flash file, video, or TV streaming into the play list. Whether you want to provide entertainment, introduce your bank to new customers or promote your newly launched products and services, the SMARTQUEUE® Multimedia Display can be used.

The Multimedia Display’ can be set to display different images, presentation file, or video of particular products or services when specific customers’ queue numbers are on the waiting list.The use of the SMARTQUEUE® Multimedia Display can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign whilst simultaneously keeping customers occupied in a streamlined customer flow.

Banking Customer Flow Management with Appointment Booking System

Customer flow management in banks becomes effortless with the implementation of the Appointment Booking System. With this system, you can manage your customers even before they step into your branch.

Your customers only need to browse your official site and register online. Alternatively, they can contact your authorised staff via e-mail or telephone to find out the service and staff availability or particular time (day and/or hour). Subsequently, your staff then only needs to register your customers name into the appointment list and print the queue number to be brought for the service session.

Customer Flow Management with Appointment Booking system eliminates some procedures in the traditional queue management system. Your customers no longer need to stand in front of the ticketing kiosk as they can simply see the staff that has arranged their appointment before they are sent to the assigned service counter/staff.

Another advantage of customer flow management with the appointment booking system is that the staff assigned to serve the customer has more time to prepare by learning customers’ information and transaction records.

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