Government Service Centre

Government Services CentreSMARTQUEUE® supports the queue management in Government Service Centres with its flexible features and functionalities. Available in various packages, SMARTQUEUE® is applicable to facilitate the most simple to the most complex client flow in a particular government service centre.

SMARTQUEUE® software-only version can be used to simply call and serve clients. Meanwhile, the full version of SMARTQUEUE® professional (includes the ticketing kiosk, virtual caller, multimedia display, administration module) is required to monitor the client flow from the point of entry to the point of leaving as well as to evaluate staff performance from the start to the end of service session.

SMARTQUEUE® professional is also supported by optional features and functionalities, such as Service Flow, Service Scheduler, Staff Allocation, SMS/ E-Mail Notification, Report Scheduler, Mobile Concierge System, and Client Feedback Solution.

SMARTQUEUE® is user-friendly. It sets Government Service Centres free from the troubling procedure of customisation by enabling authorised staff to customise the features and functionalities independently. However you can contact us at any time. Our skilled and experienced staffs are always available to help you achieve the maximum benefits from SMARTQUEUE®.

Its flexible and user-friendly characteristics has made SMARTQUEUE® the first choice solution for client flow management in government service centres and associated departments.

  • Commonwealth Parliament
  • Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry
  • Attorney-General’s
  • Broadband, Communication and the Digital Economy
  • Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
  • Defence
  • Education, Employment, and Workplace Relations
  • Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
  • Finance and Deregulation
  • Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Health and Ageing
  • Human Services
  • Immigration and Citizenship
  • Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education
  • Infrastructure and Transport
  • Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport
  • Resources, Energy and Tourism
  • Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
  • Treasury
  • Courts
  • Council of Australian Governments

Regardless the focus of service, SMARTQUEUE® has been proven to be an effective and efficient solution that benefits all parties involved in Government Service Centre including clients, staff, management and relevant executives, and the government service centre as an institution.

SMARTQUEUE® adapts to and develops with you. It is a solution that helps you not only deal with situations currently encountered in the queue management system but also answer the challenge andembrace any potential situations in the future.

Client Flow Management with SMARTQUEUE®

Client flow in Government Service Centre may vary from direct-serve to take-ticket and book-appointment procedure. Consequently, the point of control over the queue may start from a different location. For example, when the direct-serve procedure is applied, the point of control over the queue starts from the service counter. On the contrary, when the book-appointment procedure is applied, the point of control may start from point of entry to the service centre or even from the clients’ house.

Regardless of the starting point of control over the queue, SMARTQUEUE® is always capable of covering the whole process of streamlining the client flow: identifying clients, assigning service to particular staff, managing (calling, putting on hold, transferring, and serving) the queue, and recording service history.

With its monitoring dashboard and KPI reporting, SMARTQUEUE® offers more benefit to management and relevant executives by enabling them to intervene in the situation at the front office and evaluate staff performance at any time required.

Client Flow Management with Appointment Booking System

SMARTQUEUE® is most suitable for Government Service Centres frequently handling clients with very tight-schedule. When SMARTQUEUE® is integrated with Appointment Booking System, clients may book services in advance. They may browse your official site and make appointments by themselves or contact your staff via email or telephone to ask about the service and staff availability on their preferred time. Similarly, your staff may also book appointments and create tickets for the clients.

In short, SMARTQUEUE® with Appointment Booking System makes client flow management in Government Service Centres more controlled, as you can monitor your clients and predict the clients flow from the moment they make an appointment. The system can be set to send notification and case records of clients to the assigned staffs so that they can learn clients’ detail and better prepare themselves prior to serving the clients.

SMARTQUEUE® with Appointment Booking System creates a more predictable and streamlined client flow and improves the quality of the overall service performance.

Client Flow Management with Multimedia Display

For Government Service Centres, the function of the Multimedia Display is not limited to merely displaying queue information but also presentsentertaining or even enlightening multimedia content that can keep the clients occupied during the waiting time. The formats of content can varyfrom still images to flash files, presentations, videos, and evenTV, and the number of content in the playlist is unlimited.

When your clients are engaged with various multimedia content attractively presented on the LCD display screen, the level of the clients’ anxiety will remain low. As your clients enjoy their waiting experience, your staff will be uninterrupted so that they can focus on their current serving session.

As any make or model of LCD screens may be used with SMARTQUEUE®, you can utilize a cost effective solution to create and provide a more comfortable and engaging waiting experience for your clients.

better prepare themselves prior to serving the clients