Patient Flow Management

Patient Flow ManagementPatient flow management with SMARTQUEUE® starts from the point of interaction at the ticketing kiosk. Its multilingual capability allows you to cater for all customers, regardless of their cultural background. Following the instructions displayed on the ticketing kiosk or printed on the ticket, your patients know what to do and where to go, avoiding the mistake of joining the wrong queue.

By also being informed with relevant information and marketing messages, your patients are made aware of the services and goods now available in your hospital, clinic, medical centre or pathology services.

Subsequently, during the waiting time, your patients will be kept entertained and updated with the queue information and marketing messages/announcements displayed on the multimedia display. This can make the service experience more convenient and comfortable for your patients and allow your staff to focus on providing the best service to your patients.

With the SMARTQUEUE® Virtual Caller, staff is not only able to call patients, but they can also perform functions such as put them on hold, recall, and transfer to another doctor or room. When it is required, your staff can also directly serve particular patients without having to ask the patients to take queue tickets.

While your counter staff is kept informed and updated with the number of patients waiting, along with the average and longest waiting time per service, management can monitor their performance through the dashboard monitoring system. As the system automatically alerts both your staff and you every time the waiting and serving time exceeds the Service Level Agreement, you can always take control of the situation by, for example, assigning more staff to serve the patients.

To make the patient flow in hospital, clinic, and medical centre sustainably effective, SMARTQUEUE® automatically records all history of medical treatments. Besides helping your staff learn the medical history of your patients, this record also help the business executive and decision maker to analyse the latest health trends. This can assist to further improve the service experience for patients.

Patient Flow Management with Appointment Booking System

The Appointment Booking System makes it possible for you to manage the patient flow long before the patient arrive at your hospital, clinic, medical centre or pathology services.

When this system is implemented, your patients may simply go to your official site and schedule an appointment with your doctor or medical staff on specific time. Alternatively, they may contact your staff via email or telephone to ask about doctor availability at their preferred time. Subsequently, your staff may schedule the appointment and on your patients’ behalf.

With your patients are now able to book an appointment in-advance, patient flow management in your hospital, clinic, or medical centre becomes more predictable. By referring to the appointment list and records of daily service, you can consider the need to assigning additional staff on a particular day.

Apart from this, the doctors and medical staff are also benefited as they can learn the details of patients’ medical history to be more prepared before the patient arrives at premises.

Patient Flow Management with SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge System

The SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge System is suitable to accommodate the needs of all patients, including those with physical barriers or those which are dealing with serious health conditions. When this system is implemented, the starting point of patient flow management moves from the ticketing kiosk to a mobile device such as an Android tablet or Ipad at the point of entry of your premises.

This means, instead of standing in the queue line in front of the ticketing kiosk, your patients will be approached by your concierge staff. All patient questions will be answered by the concierge staff. If after this it is required, they can also ask the concierge staff to select the right service and print a ticket for them.

Not only does patient flow with SMARTQUEUE® Mobile Concierge System eliminate the physical queue in front of the ticketing kiosk, but it also helps hospitals, clinics, medical centres and pathology services establish a more personalised and convenient exhange with patients. When this objective achieved, it will be easier for you to understand what your patients require.

Patient Flow Management with Patient Feedback Solution

Whatever your patients think of your service, they all matter! That’s why you need a solution to get their feedback in an appropriate and timely fashion. With the Patient Feedback Solution, you have a tool to measure not only the quality of patient flow management applied in your hospital, clinic, or medical centers but also the quality of services and goods that you provide for your patients.

Applicable in mobile devices, you can take advantage of this solution to capture patients’ feedback during the waiting time or after the service session. With the Patient Feedback Solution, you can monitor patient flow management from the start of the patient visit, to the end of the visit when patients are leaving the premises.