Student Service Centre

Streamlining Queue Flow in Student Service Centre

Queue Flow in Student Service CentreStreamlining queue flow in student service centres is quite a challenge. Large numbers of students repeatedly make visits for single or even multiple services. The number is unpredictable and the type of services taken is not either. However, since majority of activities require students to complete transactions in student services centres, an assurance that all students are served accurately and timely is a must.

SMARTQUEUE® helps you answer this challenge. Its interrelated modules, which include the Ticketing Kiosk, Virtual Caller, Multimedia Display, and Administration Module, facilitate a convenient interaction between students and staff. From the moment the students select a service and takes a ticket from the ticketing kiosk to the time when your staff ends the service session in the service counter, the student is kept informed and engaged.

SMARTQUEUE® is a cost-effective solution for student service centres. It saves your operational budget by minimising the work on your staffs’ side while improving the quality of service provided to students.

Student Flow Management with SMARTQUEUE®

Student flow management with SMARTQUEUE® emphasises the level of accuracy on services provided to students. Therefore, the ticketing kiosk, which functions as the first point of interaction, is specifically designed to be capable of capturing details of student information.

Similarly, the virtual caller operated by your staff is also equipped with features through which your staff can manage (call, put on hold, transfer, serve) the queue orderly and input additional information and record them for service session, evaluation, or other needs in the future.

While your staff focuses on the current serving session and other students are waiting for their turn to be served, the multimedia display is available to displayqueue information and instructions. By referring to this information and instruction, students are ensured that they will not miss their turn.

To create a more effective queue management, you can also integrate SMARTQUEUE® with other optional features, such as:

  • Appointment Booking System
  • Multimedia Display
  • Case Recording System

Student Flow Management with Appointment Booking System

The appointment booking system enables students to book a particular service in advance. By simply accessing the official site of the student services centre, they can view the availability schedule of the service and staff. When the schedule meets theirs, they can continue to book an appointment for the service(s) and staff that they prefer. If it is required, they can re-arrange or even cancel the appointment with prior notification.

Alternatively, the appointment booking system is also applicable via email or telephone. Instead of accessing the official site, students can contact the staff assigned by the student service centre to manage the appointment for them. Not only to provide information on the service and staff availability, this staff is also authorised to book appointment on students’ behalf.

Such integration of SMARTQUEUE® with appointment booking system benefits both sides. On one side, students have more flexibility and convenience to manage their time, andare served by staff that they prefer. Also, the student services centre and its staff can get more prepared as they will be notified and provided with relevant records prior to serving the students.

Enhance the Quality of Student Flow Management with Multimedia Display

The multimedia display functions to support queue flow management in student services centre by displaying queue information and relevant instruction to students. However, that is not the only function. To achieve the maximum benefits from SMARTQUEUE®, you can use the LCD display to present various formats of multimedia content: still images, flash files, presentations, videos, and evenonline TV streaming.

SMARTQUEUE® integrated with multimedia display brings students a comfortablenew experience when waiting time is no longer boring and tedious, but informative and entertaining.