SMARTQUEUE® Main Features

Our Integrated-Multimedia Queue Management System Has Your Company Covered, From Customer Service Point to Executive Meeting Room.

SMARTQUEUE - Integrated Multimedia Queue Management SystemSMARTQUEUE®, unlike any other, is a visual-based queue management system; capable of adapting to ANY business environment and dynamically enhancing every factor for quality customer service:

Flexible Licensing Structure

The level of flexibility of SMARTQUEUE® is reflected on its accommodating licensing structure. It is capable of registering and managing an unlimited number of users, including front-office staff and back-office staff, supervisors or managers, within a single site-licence. Hence, when staff rotation or more staff allocation is required in the future, there will be no additional licensing cost charged.

In addition, you will be granted with a lifetime licence of using SMARTQUEUE®. This means that once you decide to purchase SMARTQUEUE®, you have privilege to use the system forever; without time limit or date of expiry.

In-House Developed Package

Our in-house development team has created and developed SMARTQUEUE® through continuous feasibility study, system analysis, system design, development and testing. Successful installation, operation and maintenance in premises of various business sectors are proof that we are committed to providing you with the finest quality of queue management system.

Moreover, any additional requests for customisation, enhancement, new function or new features of SMARTQUEUE® can be realised without going through a third-party liaison. This is to ensure effective communication, minimising the risk of misunderstanding between authorised personnel of each party and speed up time of response and resolution.

Software-Based Solution

A software-based solution results in a simpler-to-use interface. No additional hardware (keypad) required as everything operates within the SOE (System Operating Environment).

Always stick to a thorough security check to confirm that there is no conflict between the application and the core applications of our clients, we have been successfully implementing software based solution in different SOEs without any issue.

Flexible System Integration

SMARTQUEUE® team of software engineers has managed to integrate the queue management system with different corporate internal systems. Among such systems are HL7 for healthcare institutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Electronic Workforce Management System (e-WFMS), Balance Scorecard and Data Warehousing.

This integration experience includes, but is not limited to, file transfer (FTP), terminate-and-stay resident (TSR), Microsoft Windows messaging system hooks, Microsoft Message Queue and Oracle Messaging, Web services (XML), screen scrapping/robotic data entry, DDE/OLE/ActiveX on the Windows platform, and custom web controls for web-based applications.

Non-Proprietary Hardware

All components of SMARTQUEUE® can be installed in any hardware regardless of its brand, model or size. This non-proprietary nature of SMARTQUEUE® supports hassle-free selection, maintenance, or replacement of the devices, whenever required. You may use any of their existing hardware, or those available in the market, as long as they match the recommended specifications and are still in good condition.

Nevertheless, as the provider of SMARTQUEUE®, Business Smart Solutions (BSS) takes the initiative to also provide hardware for your convenience. We have built strong partnerships with reliable local hardware distributors, whose supplies of relevant hardware have been well-tested and proven to support the operation of SMARTQUEUE® from a small- to nationwide scale.

Latest Cutting-Edge Technology

SMARTQUEUE® implements the latest cutting-edge technology of the interactive touchscreen kioks with an impact and tampered-proof glass, optional built-ins of presence sensor, magnetic card reader and barcode scanner. In addition, the use of a high-speed thermal printer with low-paper detector ensures cost-effective budget for printing tickets.

Furthermore, SMARTQUEUE® applications are built to fit in with the current and upcoming trends of the IT environment, including the web-based system on Windows 7 and modular add-ons that use e-mail and SMS technologies, as well as mobile devices such as Android and iPad.

Configurable System

SMARTQUEUE® is developed to be user-configurable to accommodate seasonal staff rotation, launch of new service, revolution of service policy and marketing strategy, and any other business initiatives. This means that majority of its features, including interface design and layout; multimedia content and service configurations can be modified at any time required without having to contact BSS.

However, BSS is always able to accommodate for additional requests of customisations, depending on further discussions and agreements, during the after-sales period.

Integrated Multimedia Functionality

SMARTQUEUE® is more than just an advanced queue management system. It features smart presentation of queue information, entertaining multimedia item, and marketing material in one optimised package.

For this, SMARTQUEUE® utilises an LCD/plasma display with multimedia playback capabilities that will keep your customers occupied, well-informed and entertained while waiting for their ticket number to be called.

User-Friendly Interface

SMARTQUEUE® staff calling module is designed with an emphasis on users’ highest level of convenience. The user interface (UI) is not only customisable to suit your corporate identity, but it is also intuitive and user friendly.

Still, we will provide a one-day comprehensive training package, which comes with a set of thorough manuals for front-office staff and IT administrator, as well as for back-office supervisors and managers, to ensure that you all staff in charge fully understand the proper procedure of working with SMARTQUEUE®.

Multilingual Capability

With its multilingual capability, SMARTQUEUE® accommodates customers of any different language background. You can get an unlimited number of languages into the language list and make them made available on the kiosk touch screen.

While customers are now able to select service and follow instruction in their preferred languages, customer service staffs are also benefitted as they can prepare themselves before the customer arrives at the counters.

Highly-Scalable - Up To Nationwide Solution

SMARTQUEUE® is proven to be highly scalable. It accommodates from local to nationwide-scale business.
For majority of premises, SMARTQUEUE® is available in standard version, which includes touchscreen ticket dispenser, mobile concierge application, multimedia display, staff module, back-office administration module, monitoring and reporting tools.

Meanwhile, for smaller premises implementing the software-only version, which only includes a staff module and back-office administration, monitoring and reporting tools, can be an alternative. This version helps premises, of which objective is purely to keep track and record staff’ activities and productivity, monitor its performance with the lowest budget.

However, for corporate where business performance is regularly monitored and evaluated, a centralised solution has been setup for the implementation of SMARTQUEUE® in multiple branches and multiple brands.

With this centralised version, SMARTQUEUE® automatically transfers the transaction and queue data from each branch to a centralised database. This centralised system enables any authorised personnel at the head office to monitor the queue situation in each branch, generate specific branch reports, and consolidate reports. This facility provides ultimate advantage of analysing overall corporate performance, comparing branch-to-branch or brand-to-brand performance, as well as evaluating standard service policy.

Furthermore, configuration of queue management system in branch/brand from the head office is also simplified through the remote configuration system of this centralised solution.

Comprehensive Reporting

SMARTQUEUE® is a state-of-the-art queue management system that enables you to generate your own professional Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports. Queue statistics, service reports, and staff performance information will be always within your reach for faster and more precise decision making.

With a wide range of comprehensive reports presented in tabular and graphical format, these reports have been powerful reporting tools for management. They can take the information provided on these reports to analyse service quality and find ways to continually improve the quality of customer service, staff performance and branch performance.

Flexible Consumables

SMARTQUEUE® does not tie you with brand-specific consumables. You can source any of the compatible consumable products that are available in the market. However, it will be a great advantage for you if you trust us to provide supplies of cost-effective paper rolls that support the printing of up to 2,500 standard-sized tickets per roll.

Nationwide Support Coverage

In Australia, our support is available across all states. This covers both online and on-site support. You can report any issues via e-mail or phone, to our support e-mail or 1300 hotline number.

To resolve minor issues, our support staff can provide immediate assistance over the phone. However, for high severity issues, our capable engineers and technicians are always ready to provide on-site support to ensure high system up-time.