Integrated Multimedia Queue Management System – The Winning Solutions

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In a world where customer service is imperative for all businesses to function, a poor congestion of queues is the last thing needed for effective business transactions. An unplanned influx of customers without adequate service not only creates customer frustration but create inefficiency within the work place. This unpredictability is often too late to handle.

Queue congestion can lead to low customer satisfaction, longer waiting periods, poor brand image and walk-offs. Ultimately this affects customer loyalty issues. Yet, hiring additional employees is not the answer, as this may reduce productivity, lead to staff idleness and reduce profitability.

SMARTQUEUE® is a major breakthrough in multimedia queuing management system. The system is designed not only as a tool to solve queue congestion. The system allows for faster organisation of queuing and customer service with its non-linear system. Customers no longer have to stand in a line waiting for their turn to be served, as they can sit comfortably in the waiting area without having to worry about missing their turn.

SMARTQUEUE® system is different to other queuing management systems. The system not only allows for a more effective customer service, but it analyses daily customer service transactions for an improved company performance. This is achieved through the advanced technology of reporting functions (KPI) at both localised and centralised level.

To see how the SMARTQUEUE® system looks like, view the sample design overview of the SMARTQUEUE® system.