Ticketing Kiosk

A ticketing kiosk is more than just a ticketing kiosk.

kiosk queue management systemWhen a client or customer first enters a premise, they will always be in a state of observation, trying to figure out what they are supposed to do and where they are supposed to go. A ticketing kiosk will:

  • GREET - it focuses the customers to a single point and with SMARTQUEUEยฎโ€™s interactive and user-friendly interface, your customers will feel welcomed and relaxed knowing their place in the queue is secured.
  • INFORM - your customers will know exactly where to go for which ever service they select.
  • MANAGE - customers can no longer push ahead in line, nor can they lose their spot. Priorities will be handled faster
  • RECORD - everything from waiting time to serving time will be recorded. You can rest assured knowing that the peak hours are getting handled competently by your staff.

SMARTQUEUEยฎโ€™s kiosks also have optional attachments that can further enhance your business. Include a:

  • Motion sensor โ€“ we can detect the presence of customers in front of the kiosk to bring up our interface. When no-oneโ€™s around, our kiosk goes idle and displays eye-catching multimedia until the next customer comes along.
  • Touch screen keyboard โ€“ when you want your customers to input data such as name, address or ID number, an on-screen keyboard will appear allowing them to type their data in.

Calling Display

calling display queue management systemSMARTQUEUEยฎโ€™s Calling Display consists of the ticket counter display, an integrated multimedia display and a horizontal ticker-tape display; all of which are fully configurable and customisable. Our ticket counter display comes in several settings to suit your business environment ensuring that not a single customer is missed; our ticker-tape display scrolls with your very own text, enhancing your business motto or possibly promoting your website; our integrated multimedia display runs in a playlist fashion, showing every type of multimedia imaginable.

So whilst your customer waits at the comfort of their seat, sipping a coffee, reading the paper, perhaps filling in some forms, the calling display will alert them when their ticket is being called and to which counter. All the meanwhile they are being:

  • INFORMED โ€“ use your own business logo, message or multimedia for a stronger business image and presence in your site. Inform your customers of upcoming events and recent news.
  • ENTERTAINED โ€“ play TV live from the display or perhaps play a DVD to keep the kids entertained. Other formats that can be used include PowerPointโ€™s, Macromedia Flash, AVIs and much, much more!
  • ALERTED โ€“ Ticket numbers that have been called out and currently being called out, are displayed neatly on either the left/right side of the screen. Along with the ceiling mounted speakers also alerting your customer, your site will be ensured a smooth and swift customer flow.

Studies have shown that customers will feel a shorter waiting period if they are occupied than not. Anxiety makes queuing seems longer and customers always compare the length of the queue theyโ€™re standing in compared to the other. It is this anxiety, which contributes to the perception of slow passage of time. This increases their impatience, thus a lower satisfaction. With SMARTQUEUEยฎ, you are ensuring an efficient and entertaining waiting period, leaving customers satisfied and pleased with your service.

Customer Calling Module

smartqueue customer calling moduleTraining new or current staff will be a breeze with SMARTQUEUEยฎโ€™s simple yet intuitive Virtual Caller. Instead of having extra wiring, extra hardware and extra costs, all you have installed is a small footprint-software on your existing counter PCs. Furthermore, this application can be integrated with most frontโ€end applications with/ without minor modification which will not impact the front-end application itself.

Some features of SMARTQUEUEยฎโ€™s Virtual Caller:

  • Configurable user interface and function key

With a fully configurable user interface and function key, not only can you tailor the Virtual Caller to your specific businessโ€™ image and preferences, but it also reduces the learning curve in training new users.

  • Call the next customer

Each Virtual Caller user can be configured with a number of preferred service types that he or she may be more suited to serve because of his or her training. This same feature can also be applied on a per counter basis instead of per user allowing your staff to be effective and the flow of customer maximised.

  • Transfer a customer to another service

If your business has a rich set of services and you are afraid of customers selecting the incorrect service, fear not! SMARTQUEUEยฎโ€™s Virtual Caller can simply transfer the customer to the correct service and even give the option of placing the customer at the front or the back of the queue.

  • Put a customer on hold

Instead of waiting for a back office response or an email to be replied, your staff can simply put that customer on hold and continue serving other customers. When the reply finally comes, the service can easily be resumed thus reducing idle time.

  • Multiโ€platform support

The Keypad is available in both Microsoft Windows native version and Java versions. This means that our Virtual Keypad can run on all Microsoft platforms that is Windows 2000 and above, and all platforms that support Java virtual machine.
If your queue is still long after all this, a quick change of service priorities from the back office will dissipate it quickly.

Real-Time Dashboard Monitor

dashboardSMARTQUEUEยฎโ€™s Dashboard Monitoring ensures that the numbers of counters are proportional to the number of customers waiting. Online monitoring makes continuous control of customer flow available and assists back office management to make quick necessary interferences (e.g. Open more counters, assist staffs, etc.). This ensures that you donโ€™t miss a single customer due to long waiting-periods.

Dashboard Monitoring can analyse:

  • Customers put on hold
  • Staffs currently serving
  • Staff performance (serving time)

Through Dashboard Monitor you can recognise:

  • Whether additional counters are needed to accommodate customers
  • Extra support from backโ€office when required
  • Highly demanded transactions performed in realโ€time

This allows the organisation to improve their performances based on branch analysis. It also helps managers understand and relate to the amount of work done each day by counter staff.

Want to find out which staffs are โ€œtwiddling their thumbsโ€ the most? Or perhaps which are up for promotion?

KPI Reporting

With SMARTQUEUEยฎโ€™s Key-Performance-Indicator (KPI) Reporting, you will never miss a single customer.


kpiWith a built in data-consolidation reporting system, SMARTQUEUEยฎ will allow you to analyse the ticketing/queuing data across the entire organisation (branch/ centralised reports). It has the capability to provide summarised to detailed data according to your needs and the reporting system itself can be installed at the head office and receive data from branches.

KPI Branch Reports (Branch Management Reports)

With KPI branch reporting, managers can produce analytical reports for the purpose of examining performances and seek improvements. SMARTQUEUEยฎ provides various reports in both table and graphical formats, such as:

  • Daily Progress: containing the detailed data of each counterโ€™s serving time, number of customers for each business service, idle time and many others.
  • Detail per Service: giving a figure of each service, such as the number of customers, duration of serving time, served and cancelled customers and number of transfers.
  • Detail per Terminal, is a report that can be used to analyse the performance of counter officers, since it gives data on the number of customers served by each counter and also the average serve time.
    Reports are available in periodic options (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and yearly).

KPI Centralised Reports (HQ/ Centralised Management Reports)

With our centralised reporting, top management can monitor all the branches performance and possibly compare them directly from the HQ. With this option, customer may also create all the reports that can be produced in Branch to be generated in HQ.


securityWorried about the wrong people changing your settings and accessing your reports?

With SMARTQUEUEยฎ's secure login process, access to every configuration setting can easily set. This includes the use of multiple-level User Groups each with configurable user rights. Since each user group can be configured, rights and privileges can be limited or added for certain user groups. These rights include managing queuing categories, counter linkages and viewing queuing information. 
Also with SMARTQUEUEยฎโ€™s SITE licensing model, we only charge you a ONE-OFF purchase for each site license with unlimited user additions.