Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions

SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions, unlike any other queue management system, is capable of adapting to any business environment and dynamically enhancing end-to-end customer journey for higher customer experience.

Why SMARTQUEUEยฎ is Different?

Multi-channel Customer Experience

SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions has all the tools to assist bank of any scale to streamline customer flow at the premise. This customer experience solution creates omni-channel customer experience, from digital channels to the branch visit experience, ensuring consistency across channels to avoid repetitive procedures and enabling a seamless customer journey.

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Hardware & Operation System Independent

SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions is a software-based solution, thus no additional hardware (keypad) required as it is generally works in any Standard Operating Environment (SOE), such as desktop and web, without any issue.

Moreover, all components of SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions can be installed in any hardware regardless of its brand, model or size. You may use any existing hardware or those available in the market, as long as they match the recommended specifications.

Flexible licensing structure

The level of flexibility of SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions is reflected on its licensing structure. This queuing solution allows you to manage unlimited number of concurrent users including front-office staff and back-office staffs, supervisors or managers within a single site license.


Easily Configurable

SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions is developed to be user-configurable and can be modified at any time to accommodate seasonal staff rotation, launch of new service, revolution of service policy and marketing strategy and any other business initiatives.

Non-proprietary Consumables

This customer journey solution does not tie you with brand-specific consumables. You can source any of the compatible consumable products that are available in the market.

However, it will be a great advantage for you if you trust us to provide supplies of cost-effective paper rolls that support the printing of up to 2,500 standard-sized tickets per roll.


Standalone or Enterprise Solution

SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions is proven for standalone and/ or enterprise solution. As for standalone, SMARTQUEUEยฎ is available in software-only version, which only includes a staff module and back-office administration and monitoring and reporting tools as an alternative.

Meanwhile for enterprise, a centralised solution has been setup to generate report from each branch and anlyse overall corporate performance, comparing branch-to-branch performance, as well as evaluating standard service policy.

In-House Development

SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions is developed by our in-house development team through continuous feasibility study, system analysis, system design, development and testing to provide a queue management system that is able to not only adapt to any business & technical requirements, but also integrate to any existing or future application

Flexible System Integration

Our team of software engineers has managed to SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions with different corporate internal systems. Among such systems are for healthcare institutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Electronic Workforce Management System (e-WFMS), Balance Scorecard and Data Warehousing.

Nationwide Technical Support Coverage

Our online and on-site support is available across all states in Australia. Any issues can be reported easily via e-mail or hotline number.


Comprehensive Reporting

SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions comes with a comprehensive reporting tool that consists of real time statistics and comprehensive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports, to help the management in decision making and customer service experience improvements.

User-Friendly Interface

SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions comes with staff calling module designed with an emphasis on usersโ€™ highest level of convenience in the queue management. The user interface (UI) is not only customisable to suit your corporate identity, but it is also intuitive and user friendly.

Multilingual Capability

SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions comes with unlimited multilingual capability to provide queue management system for all customers of any different language background.



SMARTQUEUEยฎ Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions

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