Benefits of SMARTQUEUE®

SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions offers competitive benefits to all parties involved

  • seamless journey for customers
  • convenient flow management for front office staff

  • easy monitoring for back office staff and management

Benefits for Customers

Flexible queue check-in SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions provides multi-channels of customer greeter when customers arrive at your premise.


Customers can check into the queue by themselves using the self-service ticketing kiosk.


Customers can be personally served by a concierge staff.

Efficient time management

SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions also comes with an appointment booking system that enables customers to book a service by their preferred staff and location at a time most appropriate for them.

Convenient waiting experience

SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions ensures a convenient waiting experience by allowing customers to wait at the premise or off the premise.


Customers can check into the queue and run errands. When their turn is almost due, they will get SMS notification.


Customers can comfortably sit in the waiting room. When their turn is due, they will be called on the calling display.

Streamlined customer flow

With a systematic queue management system, SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions helps your organisation to streamline and organise customer flow and improve the overall customer journey.

Benefits for Staff

Easy queue management

SMARTQUEUE®Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions comes with a staff-module equipped with advanced and flexible functions. It enables a more efficient customer flow management.

  • Call ticket number
  • Transfer ticket number
  • Record transaction information
  • Take over ticket number from other counter
  • And many more.

Measurable staff performance

Through the staff-calling module, staff can select a status of work state whenever they leave their counters, allowing the system to record daily staff activity which assists with resource management.

  • Break
  • Lunch
  • Shift set up
  • Training or meeting
  • Etc.

Benefits for Management

Highly accessible monitoring

SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions provides management with monitoring dashboard that display real time statistics of front-office queue situation. It helps the management to take immediate actions whenever issues happen in order to keep the business operations at its best performance.

  • Back-office staff can monitor customer volume and queue status.
  • Back-office staff can monitor staff activity and performance.

Easier identification of room of improvement

Moreover, SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions also generates comprehensive KPI reports

  • It helps in identifying any room of improvements.
  • It enables a data-driven decision making, including service policy and capacity planning, targeted marketing campaign, customer service improvements, etc.

Benefits for Company

Improve cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

Not only functions as calling display, the multimedia LCD display also can be used to display advertisements of your products so that you can share a marketing campaign to the customers while they are waiting.

  • Display corporate programs in a modern digital displays
  • Promote your products and services effectively and efficiently to boost sales and generate more revenues

Enhance Corporate Image

With a seamless customer journey in a convenient service environment, customer satisfaction can be improved and it will ultimately contribute to stronger customer loyalty and better corporate image.