SMARTQUEUE® for Government Service Centres

A Queue Management System for a Better Customer Service.

Specially Tailored, Delivering More Benefits

SMARTQUEUE® queue management system supports the queue management and visitor journey improvements in government service centres. This queuing solution has been successfully implemented in various government service centres to facilitate the most simple to the most complex visitor flows.

Visitor Journey Map

SMARTQUEUE® queue management system improves the visit experience for your visitors at every touch point.

SmartQueue - Visitor Journey Map
  • Visitors make appointments prior to their visits
  • Visitors check-in at the ticketing kiosk, or
  • Visitors with special needs are approached by a concierge staff
  • Visitors wait at the convenient waiting room, or
  • Visitors can be notified with SMS notifications when their turn is almost due
  • Visitors are routed to the designated counters by the services they have selected
  • Visitors leave feedback regarding their visit experience
One Queue Management System for All Department

One Queue Management System

for All Departments

SMARTQUEUE® queue management system is the first choice solution for managing queue in government service centres and associated departments, including:

  • Commonwealth Parliament
  • Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry
  • Attorney-General’s
  • Broadband, Communication and the Digital Economy
  • Climate Change and Energy Efficiency
  • Defence
  • Education, Employment, and Workplace Relations
  • Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
  • Finance and Deregulation
  • Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Health and Ageing
  • Human Services
  • Immigration and Citizenship
  • Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education
  • Infrastructure and Transport
  • Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport
  • Resources, Energy and Tourism
  • Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
  • Treasury
  • Courts
  • Council of Australian Governments
Enhance Waiting Experience with Multimedia Display

Enhance Waiting Experience

with Multimedia Display
SMARTQUEUE® queue management system for Government Service Centres comes with multimedia display, which can be used for displaying not only queue information, but also entertaining multimedia contents to keep the visitors occupied during the waiting time. It helps in reducing their perceived waiting times which lead to higher visitor satisfaction.
Improve Time Management

Improve Time Management

With Appointment Booking
SMARTQUEUE® queue management system is most suitable for government service centres frequently handling visitors with very tight-schedule. When this queuing system is integrated with appointment booking system, visitors may book services in advance through the official site and the system can be set to send notification and case records of visitors to the assigned staffs so that they can make preparation prior to serving the visitors.
Better Customer Flow Management for an Improved Customer Satisfaction

Streamline Customer Flow

on Every Touch Point
SMARTQUEUE® queue management system ensures every visitor journey at the government service centre is seamless and convenient. This queuing solution enables the management to intervene in the situation at the front office whenever service SLA is exceeded to make sure no visitor experience is compromised.


SMARTQUEUE® queue management system

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