SMARTQUEUE® For Student Centers

A Queue Management System for Better Student Experience

Better Flow, Enhanced Experience

SMARTQUEUE® queue management system comes with interrelated modules to facilitate an integrated end-to-end student journey from the point-of-entry to the point-of-exit. Enabling an efficient student flow management, this queue management solution improves not only student journey, but also interactions between students and staff.

Student Journey Map

Student flow management with SMARTQUEUE® queue management system improves the visit experience for your students at every touch point.

SmartQueue - Student Journey Map
  • Students make appointments prior to their visits
  • Students check-in at the ticketing kiosk
  • Students wait at the convenient waiting room, or
  • Students can be notified with SMS notifications when their turn is almost due
  • Students are routed to the designated counters by the services they have selected
  • Students leave feedback regarding their visit experience
Create a Seamless Student Journey

Create a Seamless Student Journey

SMARTQUEUE® queue management system comes with appointment booking system that enables students to book a particular service and served by a particular staff in advance via the official site of the student services centre, email or telephone. Students will have more flexibility and convenience to manage their time, while staff can get more prepared as they will be notified and provided with relevant records prior to serving the students.
Improve Communication with SmartQueue

Improve Communication

With Your Students
SMARTQUEUE® queue management system provides a multimedia display which can be utilised not only as a calling display, but also as an information sharing tool. While the students are waiting for their turn, the LCD screen can play various formats of multimedia contents to display school announcement of events and news, class schedules, students’ works, etc.
Enhance Waiting Experience with Multimedia Display

Ensure Better Student Experience

with Case Note Recording
SMARTQUEUE® queue management system allows staff to add an information summary to a ticket record with each student. This historical information about past service transactions helps staff to avoid repeated procedures and identify student’s needs in order to deliver the perfect treatment and service according to the historical information stored in the case recording facility.


SMARTQUEUE® queue management system

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