SMARTQUEUE® for Healthcare Centers

A Queue Management System for Better Patient Experience

Boosting Ambience, Better Patient Experience

SMARTQUEUE® queue management system covers end-to-end patient journey at your health-care centers. It enables you to provide better patient experience with flexibility of queue registration; patient can book an appointment of service directly from home. Moreover, this queue management system also reduces the perceived waiting times by improving the overall waiting experience for your patients.

Patient Journey Map

SMARTQUEUE® queue management system improves the visit experience for your patients at every touch point.

SmartQueue - Patient Journey Map
  • Patients make appointments prior to their visits
  • Patients check-in at the ticketing kiosk, or
  • Patients with special needs are approached by a concierge staff
  • Patients wait at the convenient waiting room, or
  • Patients can be notified with SMS notifications when their turn is almost due
  • Patients are routed to the designated counters by the services they have selected
  • Patients leave feedback regarding their visit experience
Ensure a Seamless Patient Journey from Online to Offline Channel

Ensure a Seamless Patient Journey

from Online to Offline Channel
SMARTQUEUE® queue management system provides appointment booking system which makes it possible for your patients to schedule an appointment with your doctor or medical staff on specific time, reducing waiting time significantly for your patients. With your patients are now able to book an appointment in-advance, patient flow management becomes more predictable and you can do more effective capacity planning.
Provide a Personalised Approach for All Patients

Provide a Personalised Approach

for All Patients
SMARTQUEUE® queue management system also comes with mobile concierge system which enables concierge staff to help customer check-in to the queue or provide direct service. This system allows your healthcare centers to establish a more personalised service and interactions with patients with special needs.
Easy Patient Flow Management with Intuitive Staff Module

Easy Patient Flow Management

with Intuitive Staff Module
SMARTQUEUE® queue management system comes with a staff module called the Virtual Caller. With this module, staff is not only able to perform functions for managing queue, such as put customer on hold, recall, and transfer customer to another doctor or room, but also kept informed and updated with the situation of patient flow.
Enhance Waiting Experience with Multimedia Display

Continuous Improvements

of Patient Experience
What your patients think of your service matter! That’s why you need a solution to get their feedback in an appropriate and timely fashion. Our patient feedback solution is the right tool to measure the quality of service in your premises to help you to  identify room of improvements. To enable the management to make continuous improvements, SMARTQUEUE® queue management system also generates comprehensive reports to assist in further improvement of patient experience.


SMARTQUEUE® queue management system

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