Leveraging Customer Experience with a Reliable Queue Management System

In a new era where customer experience has taken the role as key brand differentiator, businesses are competing in implementing the most effective queue management system that can leverage customer experience as a new marketing strategy to increase the bottom line.

Customers are more loyal to organisations that make them feel understood. Research has shown that they even willing to spend more money for a guaranteed good customer experience. It is clearly that a positive customer experience, on or off your premises can help your company to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately, improve mouth-to-mouth marketing campaign and generate more revenue

Here, at BSS, we help businesses to implement the right queuing system with main focus on the customer experience to ensure every customer engagement is strengthening loyalty and fostering relationship between customers and the brand.

Our queue management system is designed and developed based on:

SmartQueue - Divergent preferences of multiple generations

Divergent preferences of multiple generations

An effective queue management solution has to be able to serve, engage, solve and satisfy four different generations, namely traditionalists, millennials and generation Z at once. We help you to manage queue easily to accommodate all generations, providing a seamless customer journey for all.

SmartQueue - Omni-channel service delivery

Omni-channel service delivery

We understand customer behavior is evolving, so is the queue management system. It is now focusing on the multi-dimensional customer experience. Customers are getting used to be provided with multiple channels both online and offline, which they can conveniently select based on their needs and preferences.
SmartQueue - Digitalisation and technologies

Digitalisation and technologies

With the rapidly increasing users of smartphones, technology development is accelerating in every part of our everyday life. This phenomenon of digitalisation has contributed to the decreasing level of customer’s patience. Businesses have to adapt and take advantage of the high technology to improve and optimise customer experience.


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The patience with “waiting in line” is getting shorter – and you could argue that customer expectations will continue to raise rapidly.

The Aspect Consumer Index: Millennial Research on Customer Service Expectations A poor congestion of queues is the last thing needed for a smooth customer journey. An unplanned influx of customers without adequate service not only creates customer frustration but also lower customer satisfaction which could lead to customer churns, which are often undetectable. Yet, hiring additional employees is not the answer, as this may reduce productivity, lead to staff idleness and reduce profitability.

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SMARTQUEUE® queue management system is designed and developed to enable not only improved customer experience, but also an analytic-driven service improvement. More than just a queue management system that provides better control of customer flow and enables streamlined queues and reduced waiting time, this queuing system also measures service performance and generates comprehensive KPI reporting at both localised and centralised level. The KPI reporting helps management to:
  • Measure service performance
  • Optimise staff utilisation
  • Make a more efficient and effective decisions and planning
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SmartQueue - Main Features

Main Features

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SmartQueue - Key Differentiator

Key Differentiator

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