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SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions has all the tools to assist bank of any scale to streamline customer flow at the premise. This customer experience solution creates omni-channel customer experience, from digital channels to the branch visit experience, ensuring consistency across channels to avoid repetitive procedures and enabling a seamless customer journey.

Banking Customer Journey

Customer flow management with SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions improves the visit experience for your banking customers at every touch point.

  1. Customers make appointments prior to their visits
  2. Customers check-in at the ticketing kiosk, or
  3. Customers with special needs are approached by a concierge staff
  4. Customers wait at the convenient waiting room, or
  5. Customers can be notified with SMS notifications when their turn is almost due
  6. Customers are routed to the designated counters by the services they have selected
  7. Customers leave feedback regarding their visit experience

Better Customer Flow Management

for an Improved Customer Satisfaction

Banks can be said to have some of the highest levels of customer volumes in the retail industry. With increasing number of customer visits, queue congestion is getting inevitable. SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions can assist bank to make more efficient customer journey by streamlining customers flow, starting from the point-of-entry to the point-of-leaving, resulting in faster queue clearance.

Improved Time Management

with Appointment Booking System

Customer flow management in banks becomes effortless with the implementation of the Appointment Booking System. With this system, customers can book a service and staff at their preferred time with just a click through bank website. Besides enables efficient time management for your customers, Appointment Booking System also benefits the assigned staff, as they would have more time to prepare by learning customers’ information and transaction records.

Enhanced Customer Experience

with Omni-channel Customer Greeter

SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions provides an omni-channel customer greeter; the ticketing kiosk lets customers to do self-service check in, while the mobile concierge staff approaches customers for more personalised approach, both comes with the ability for customer identification. These flexible check-in methods enable your bank to accommodate all types of customers, from the young tech-savvy to the senior citizens, ensuring excellent customer experience for all.   

Accessible Monitoring & Reporting

for Service Improvement

SMARTQUEUE® Enterprise Customer Experience Solutions keeps the back-office staff updated with the situation at the front-office. Supported with dashboard monitoring, the quality of customer flow management can be monitored real-timely by the back office-staff and relevant management. Furthermore, this customer experience solution also generates KPI reporting for the management to measure service performance, analyse customer journey and identify areas of improvements


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